Here's What We Know About The New "Macbeth" Movie So Far

    All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king (OF MY PANTS) hereafter!

    1. Michael Fassbender is going to make a sexy, sexy Macbeth.

    2. Like, GUYS. So fine and fair a man I have not seen.

    3. And as far as capturing Macbeth's inner conflict, Fassbender is bringing it.

    4. Marion Cotillard is going to kick ass as Lady Macbeth.

    5. And look flawless. Screw your courage to the sticking place, because this woman is coming for you.

    6. Their chemistry as the bloody, conniving couple is super hot.

    7. It looks like we might get four witches instead of the traditional three, and one of them might be a creepy child.

    8. We're getting the original Shakespearean language.

    9. David Thewlis is going to break our hearts as Duncan.

    10. Paddy Considine's Banquo is going to be terrifying in the banquet scene.

    11. This adaptation is not going to pull punches. It looks violent af.

    12. Very, very violent.

    13. Michael Fassbender will be shirtless.

    14. And the final showdown looks incredible.

    15. Seriously. Can't spell "Dunsinane" without "insane."

    Check out the first full-length trailer below.

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