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    These Women Have A Powerful Message About Pole Dancing

    "Because it healed what they tried to break."

    "Why I Dance" is a video about amateur women pole dancers speaking about their experiences, and what dance means to them.

    Julia Roth, one of the video's producers, told BuzzFeed that the women held up their "outside title," meaning how they believe others see and perceive them.

    "Whatever their sign says, that’s their label. It’s there name, their gender, their profession, how others see them. And the pole is their inside world," Roth explained.

    "Pole dancing is so often associated with stripping, which isn’t always true," Roth said. "And this is an empowering movement for so many people."

    "We wanted to break down the judgments about people who pole dance."

    Roth, who also pole dances, said the set of all-female cast and crew was "the most productive and wonderful set [she's] ever been on."

    "Any conceptions I had about women being catty or not supporting each other went out the window immediately."

    The dancers also included their own personal reasons for pole dancing.

    "We, as women, are discouraged so often from being comfortable with ourselves," Roth said.

    "And I remember, the editor on the film said at one point, 'Loving yourself is a revolution in this society,' and that really hit home for me."

    "This is about celebrating women and their relationships with their bodies."

    "The battle for women and loving themselves is constant. Pictures, words, the internet, it's never-ending."

    "Loving yourself and being cool with yourself, that’s how it should be. This shouldn’t be a shocking thing. This should be the norm."

    Watch the whole video below.