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    There's A Giant American Flag Made Out 100,000 LEGO Bricks

    ♫ Everything is awesome, but especially this flag. ♫

    To celebrate the opening of the Innovation Wing at the National Museum of American History, LEGO built the world's largest LEGO American flag.

    Steve Ruark / AP Images for LEGO

    More than 15,000 museum visitors helped create the 9.5-by-14-foot flag, using more than 100,000 LEGO bricks.

    Steve Ruark / AP Images for LEGO

    The flag stands at 9.5-by-14-feet, weighs 546 pounds, and took 16 hours to design to design.

    Steve Ruark / AP Images for LEGO

    Here's LEGO master builder Chris Steininger placing a brick on top.

    This time-lapse shows 11 hours of Old Glory's assemblage.

    ♫ Everything is awesooooome! ♫

    Steve Ruark / AP Images for LEGO

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