25 Nerds Who Revolutionized Bathroom Graffiti

    The truth is grout there.

    1. This literary genius who gave us all great expectations of future bathroom vandalism.

    2. This Pokémaniac who can't stand improper grammar.

    3. The artificial intelligence aficionado who's asking the important questions.

    4. The X-Phile who just wants you to believe.

    5. The cartoon connoisseur who knows that comedy trumps cleanliness.

    6. The Force is strong with this pun master. Too strong.

    7. This nerd, whose wit is on trek.

    8. This Pottyhead, who keeps giving us all false hope.

    9. The drain who was born in the dark, molded by it.

    10. The realist who's just trying to educate the masses about higher education.

    11. This font classicist.

    12. This responsible human being, who's only breaking the rules for the greater good.

    13. History's most respectful and optimistic video game geek.

    14. The zoologist who could give you his phone number, but knows what the ladies really want.

    15. The most determined of historians, who's educating the world one bathroom stall at a time.

    16. The Last Windbreaker.

    17. This Feelosopher.

    18. This Star Wars fan who really loves sci-fi, but also secretly longs to be a pop star.

    19. The cinephile who's been possessed by the spirit of Ellen Ripley.

    20. The illustrator whose Street cred is off the charts.

    21. The book enthusiast who tried asking nicely. But the time for politeness is through.

    22. The multi-fandom expert who asked the more important question.

    23. This comedy Ace who started a small but significant '90s movie conversation.

    24. The Sherlockian who is slowly turning the world into Tumblr.

    25. The Star Wars devotee who was really in there for a while, but stayed on target.