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    The "Fuller House" Theme Song Is Beyond Perfect

    ♫ Everywhere you look, everywhere you gooo. ♫

    If you were a Full House fan in the '90s, surely you remember the iconic opening credits.


    For the new Fuller House opening credits, Carly Rae Jepsen was recruited to re-record the original song, "Everywhere You Go," and obviously there was a lot of pressure to nail it.

    But don't worry, because she NAILED it.

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    Get ready to have the Fuller House theme song stuck in your head all day.

    And the new credits are fresh. Look at that even BETTER view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    We also get then and now looks at our favorite characters, giving a nod to the old fans and welcoming in the new audience.

    All our faves are officially back.

    Look at them — feels like they were on our TVs just yesterday.