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    "Queer Eye" Season 2 Looks So Wonderful, I CANNOT BELIEVE

    I cannot believe (how good this looks).

    In case you hadn't already heard, Queer Eye — Netflix's wonderful, pure, much-more-than-just-a-makeover show — is returning for a second season on June 15.

    Well, today we've been gifted the very first trailer, and it is even purer than ever, henny:

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    The 8-episode second season will once again follow the Fab Five transforming "heroes" and making us cry like babies in the process. We're gonna see Jonathan wielding that pomade like a pro...

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    ...Karamo soothing all our souls...

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    ...Bobby building entire houses in 48 hours...

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    ...Tan transforming wardrobes and hearts...

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    ...and Antoni cookin' and cryin' like the dreamboat he is.

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    This season will also feature the Fab Five transforming their first lady, Tammye...

    Courtesy Of Netflix well as their first transgender hero, Skyler.

    Courtesy Of Netflix

    I'm excited, I'm crying, I'm crexcited.

    Courtesy Of Netflix

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