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Rey's Bread In "The Force Awakens" Took Three Months To Make

Do or do not, there is no CGI.

Ever since the premiere of The Force Awakens, there's been one big question everyone wants answered.


Rey, our New Queen, our One True Savior, girl. Enough time has passed, it's time for you to tell us...

Disney you made that insanely cool self-rising space bread!!!

It's the Star Wars bread gif you've been waiting for

Also, who are your parents? But whatever, bread is more important.

It was so cool, it had to be CGI, right? Nope. Not CGI at all.


Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould told MTV News that the bread was J.J. Abrams' idea and took "about three months" to make.


"It started off with the mechanics of getting the bread to rise and the liquid to disappear," Corbould said. "But then there was the ongoing problem of what color should the bread be? What consistency should it be? Should it have cracks in it?"


"The actual mechanics of it was fairly simple, but the actual cosmetic side took a lot longer."

Will we get more cool bread in Episode VIII? Maybe cool space cake?! We can dream.


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