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21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

Relive that soothing, weirdly comforting magic.

1. Mulan's seamlessly painted lips.

2. And her one long, sweeping line of eyeliner.

3. Snow White's flawless crust-trimming.

4. That crisp, clean Arendelle ice, all chopped in blocks.

5. Woody's smooth, freshly painted boot sole.

6. Madame Medusa's slow, satisfying eyelash peel.

7. And Rafiki's model finger painting.

8. Cinderella's taut ball gown bow.

9. Miko's comfortingly intricate braiding.

10. Fauna's gentle, though ill-advised, dough folding.

11. And her magically pristine pouring.

12. Mulan's skillful bun-tying abilities.

13. Snow White's infamous apple fitting perfectly in the Evil Queen's basket.

14. Scuttle blowing all that sea gunk out of a snarfblat.

15. Merlin's artful, uniform dish stacking.

16. And their bubbly scrubbing session.

17. Cinderella's seamstress properly threading a needle.

18. And The Three Fates snipping a tightly pulled thread.

19. Alice's perfectly poured half cup of tea.

20. Stitch's exact oven-sized cake.

21. And of course, the most perfect fit of all.