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Steven Moffat Wrote A Final Scene For Sherlock And Irene Adler

"I did write the scene, it was great fun."

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"I don’t know, as a genuine answer, I don’t know. That episode is really quite close to all our hearts. The mere fact that we actually don’t know how that night worked out — I did write a version of it just for my own entertainment," he said.


"It starts with him turning around and trying to be in charge and saying, ya know, with the sword — and he’s covered in blood, obviously, because he’s hacked these people up ... in the middle of what is frankly a domestic dispute."

"And he says, 'Right, that’s it, it’s over between you and me!' And she’s picked up one of the guns and says, 'I think I’m going to need your clothes to get out of here.'"

"Maybe," Moffat continued, "not knowing how that played out is better. To be honest, I think they never saw each other again. But they both smile once a day when they think about each other."


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