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    Jennifer Lawrence Is Playing A Murderous Ballerina And I Am So Here For It

    *screams forever*

    Fetch the fainting couch, ready the smelling salts, because the first trailer for Jennifer Lawrence's new spy thriller, Red Sparrow, is here and it delivers.

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    Based on the Red Sparrow Trilogy books by Jason Matthews
, Lawrence plays Dominika Egorova, a former ballerina who suffers a career-ending injury.

    Stripped of her former future, Dominika is recruited by Sparrow School, a top-secret intelligence service that trains young people to weaponize both their bodies and minds.

    After undergoing rigorous and sadistic training, Dominika leaves Sparrow School as their deadliest graduate.

    But she has to reconcile her lethal skill set with the person she was before her time at Sparrow School, and decide where her true allegiances lie — especially when a CIA agent (Joel Edgerton) shows up and claims to be an ally.

    Tragically the movie doesn't premiere until March 2, 2018, so here's Jennifer Lawrence with a blunt bang stabbing someone to tide you over until then: