“Slates For Sarah” Is Hollywood’s Heartwarming Response To Crew Member’s Fatal On-Set Accident

Sarah Jones was working on a film set last Thursday when she was struck and killed by a train. Her family and friends created Slates for Sarah to honor her life, and it’s truly awesome.

1. This is Sarah Jones. She was a 27-year-old camera assistant who worked on major film and television sets, including The Vampire Diaries.

Sarah Jones / Via Facebook: events

Her obituary says, “From the heights of the mountains she hiked, to the depths of the oceans she dove (and never without a camera to record her experiences), the gift of her presence was felt far and wide.”

2. Sarah was working as a second camera assistant on the new Greg Allman biopic, Midnight Rider, when she was struck and killed by a train.

3. Her friends and family made a Facebook page, Slates for Sarah, where film colleagues can post film slates dedicated to Sarah.

Jessica Lopez / Via Facebook: Steadijess

4. So far, the page has 9,400 likes and has received slates from numerous major TV shows.

Curtis Bonds Baker / Via Facebook: curtisbbaker

5. The Vampire Diaries

Marc Casey / Via Facebook: marc.casey.75

6. The Mindy Project

Jeff Saldin / Via Facebook: jeff.saldin

7. Glee

Penny Sprague/ Facebook: penny.sprague

Penny Sprague / Facebook: penny.sprague


8. Parks and Recreation

Abby Linne / Via Facebook: abby.linne

10. Black Sails

Anton Rollino / Via Facebook: anton.rollino

11. Hawaii Five-O

Harry Bring / Via Facebook: harry.bring

12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cheli Clayton / Via Facebook: cheli.clayton

13. Criminal Minds

Harry Bring / Via Facebook: harry.bring

14. Grimm

Rizal Sambo / Via Facebook: RizalSambo

15. Arrow

Slates for Sarah / Via Facebook: slatesforsarah

16. Anger Management

Richard Sanchez / Via Facebook: RJSanchez81

17. Halt and Catch Fire

Josh Gilbert / Via Facebook: josh.gilbert.3956

18. Revenge

Chad B. Daring / Via Facebook: chad.b.daring

19. Elementary

Kyle Blackman / Via Facebook: kyle.blackman.73

20. Togetherness

Tyler Romary / Via Facebook: tyler.romary

21. Mistresses

Blake Collins / Via Facebook: BLAKESNAKEMOAN

22. Devious Maids

Freddy Chancellor / Via Facebook: freddychancellor

23. Justified

Robert Sharman / Via Facebook: robert.sharman.2572

24. The Crazy Ones

Michael Mesirow / Via Facebook: michael.mesirow

25. Scandal

Heather Kehayas / Via Facebook: heather.kehayas

26. NCIS

Jacqueline Nivens / Via Facebook: jacqueline.nivens

27. Person of Interest

John Oliveri / Via Facebook: john.oliveri.9

28. Rake

Dale White / Via Facebook: dale818

29. Rectify

Joseph Thomas / Via Facebook: joseph.f.thomas

30. Chicago PD

Chris Wittenborn / Via Facebook: chriswittenborn

31. Sarah’s friends are also rallying to get Sarah included in the “In Memoriam” section of the Academy Awards this Sunday.

David WInston / Via Facebook: david.winston.37

32. To see and send more, check out Slates for Sarah.

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