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21 "Outlander" Jokes Only True Fans Will Get

♫ Sing me a song of a lolololol... ♫

1. On our universal feelings about Jamie Fraser:

2. On how it all began:

3. On why we're actually all so obsessed with the show:

4. On Black Jack's true personality:

5. On Frank's denial:

6. Seriously, Frank. Everyone can see it:

7. Everyone:

8. On the erotic series the world really needs:

9. On literally every part of Jamie's body being worthy of a stand-alone adult film:

10. On how we could improve literally any piece of artwork:

11. On what it would really be like to road-trip with Dougal:

12. On all the cheesy pickup lines we'd love to hear Jamie recite:

13. On everyone's favorite drink:

14. On Jamie finally finding a larger fan:

15. On Tobias Menzies's IRL ship allegiance:

16. On poor Geillis Duncan:

17. On Frank's visit to Craigh na Dun:

18. On the best line of Season 2 so far:

19. Well, maybe the best line of both seasons, tbh:

20. On the timeless power of a full beard:

21. And, of course, on Jamie's kilt: