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23 Signs You've Found Your Weirdo Soulmate

There are soulmates, and then there are weirdo soulmates.

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1. When you met, there was a quiet understanding, an instant recognition of, "Hello, fellow weirdo."


2. And that made it weirdly easy for you guys to get super close super fast.


3. You can communicate with each other seamlessly, sometimes in languages no one else can understand.

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4. Or screw language, all you guys need to do is give each other your signature weirdo look and all is silently spoken.


5. Those weird habits you used to do alone? Suddenly, you don't have to do them alone anymore.

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6. And all those weirdo things you used to like in silence, afraid people would judge you? Well, sound the trumpets, because your weirdo soulmate also loves fannypacks.


7. When they're around, it's so much easier to be yourself.


8. You know that filter all weirdos learn they have to use in public? Not with your weirdo soulmate.

9. Because when your weirdo wavelengths are the same, you don't have to watch what you say or do.


10. They've already said it, they've already done it, it's all good.


11. You never have to explain why you just made that weirdo face, or said that weirdo thing, or drew that weirdo conclusion.


12. You never have to explain your brilliant jokes to them, which is endlessly refreshing.

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13. They appreciate the things about you that confuse other people.


14. And when the rest of the room is looking at you with deep judgement, your weirdo soulmate is giving you a slow clap.

15. But they also know when you need to be put in your place, because weirdos look out for weirdos, k?


16. And they know exactly when you need to be gently reigned in, because they get you on this supernatural level.

17. Even in crowds or at parties, you guys are off having your own experience, seeing things through the weirdo lens, making bad jokes.

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18. It's impossible for you to take a normal picture together.

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19. Physically impossible. But whatever, normal photos are boring.

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20. Before you met your weirdo soulmate, you thought you were the only person in the world who funny-danced.


21. Not anymore, let's CUT THIS FUNNY RUG, PARTNER.


22. No topic is off-limits between the two of you, which is just the biggest comfort.

23. Because to understand someone to the core of their weird is as intimate as it gets.

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