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    21 Signs Your Cereal Addiction Is Getting Out Of Hand

    You might be a cereal killer.

    1. You believe that cereal is an acceptable meal for every occasion.

    2. Your silverware drawer is always out of one specific piece of cutlery.

    3. And your sink is usually full of one specific type of tableware.

    4. But you will let nothing come between you and cereal.

    5. You do not understand how there can ever be "too much" cereal.

    6. This is the most tragic of tragedies:

    7. "O Captain! My Captain!" holds a different meaning for you than most.

    8. This is your idea of a "balanced breakfast":

    9. Your dream wedding cake is a little unconventional.

    10. You daydream about being able to buy those crunchy, delicious little cereal marshmallows in bulk — OH WAIT, YOU CAN.

    11. You have no earthly idea why Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal.


    13. You're on the Jerry Seinfeld celebrity diet.

    14. Most of your holiday gifts from friends are cereal-themed.

    15. And this pleases you.

    16. You do not understand this "cooking" trend.

    17. You only have three moods. One is "fruity."

    One is "chocolaty."

    And one is "frosted."

    18. You remember the precious few times in your life you have encountered The Giant Frosted Mini-Wheat.

    19. Occasionally, you second-guess the proper spelling of "fruit."

    20. You've tried, but your love for cereal cannot be measured.

    21. And you're pretty sure it's mutual.