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    29 Creepy Places In Ohio That Will Terrify You

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the creepiest places in Ohio. Here are the scariest results.

    1. Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Ashtabula, OH

    Shane Simmons CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: avicennasis

    "It's the memorial site for the Ashtabula Train Disaster. Some of things I've seen are: Weird floating lights moving between graves, and a shadow running into my car and actually making it shake before disappearing. The mausoleum of the train engineer who committed suicide is there, too."

    Submitted by Laura Aporia, Facebook.

    2. The Ridges in Athens, OH

    Sarah Hina CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: 126919879@N03

    "This is an abandoned insane asylum. It was the last mental hospital in the United States to perform lobotomies. The cemetery is filled with graves marked only with numbers because family members didn't want to reveal that their loved ones were insane. There have been several paranormal sightings, one supposedly linked to the death of an Ohio University student."

    Submitted by lizm480cc8e54.

    3. The Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH

    Marc-Anthony Macon CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: city_of_dis

    "The plane 'The Strawberry Bitch' is supposed to be very haunted, it's an old war medic plane. My sister and her best friend cleaned the place at night and her friend got her hair pulled by nothing inside of it, [and] saw lights come on, even though there are no lights."

    Submitted by Rachel Pharaoh, Facebook.

    4. Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH

    Tabitha Kaylee Hawk CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: tabithahawk

    "You would walk into rooms and temperatures would rise and fall at incredible rates. There is a library and the second you walk in you just get this overwhelming, bad feeling. You hear noises. Things will move."

    Submitted by endlesswhispers.

    5. The Hammel House Inn in Waynesfield, OH

    "Waynesfield does a haunted tour on Halloween in a horse and buggy. Everyone's favorite story was about The Hammel House Inn, said to be the most haunted building in Ohio. There was a murder and they say you can hear the guy's horse."

    Submitted by Rachel Pharaoh, Facebook.

    6. Lick Road outside Cincinnati, OH

    "The ghost, Amy, was killed by her boyfriend on the bridge that crosses over the creek. If you sit in your car and wait, Amy will come and write "Help Me" in condensation on your windows. If you park facing the path, turn off your car and flash your headlights three times, Amy's ghost will appear."

    Submitted by Abbie Etherington, Facebook.

    7. The Buxton Inn in Granville, OH

    GmanViz CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: gmanviz

    "Supposedly four spirits haunt it; a construction worker died while on site, the so-called 'Blue Lady' who died in her room while staying there and now haunts the rooms ... [and] a cat who people swear they still see."

    Submitted by hannahrockwell24.

    8. Mooney's Mansion in Columbus, OH

    "Legend says a man decapitated his wife, hung his two children and himself on a bridge right above Wallahalla Road. Late at night you can still see him and his children hanging from the bridge, and his wife's head rolling in the yard. Every time I drive under that bridge I always get a shiver down my spine."

    Submitted by madelyne4135fba72.

    9. Cincinnati Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH

    Cathy CC BY-NC / Flickr: haglundc

    "Cincinnati Music Hall, which was built on top of Ohio's first insane asylum."

    Submitted by lolaluftnangle.

    10. Prospect Place in Trinway, OH

    Wdzinc / Via

    "I went there almost ten years ago and took some really crazy pictures that had a lot of orbs."

    Submitted by ss224504.

    11. Stuyvesant Hall at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH

    Ohio Redevelopment Projects - ODSA CC BY / Via Flickr: 63837784@N08

    "Ohio Wesleyan University, Stuyvesant Hall, where I lived for two years is supposed to be haunted. Multiple people have gone crazy and hung themselves over the years."

    Submitted by ayanac.

    12. Kent State University in Kent, OH

    DanielAllanWhite CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: thetrueaplus

    "Stopher Hall, where the bodies of [those] killed [in the May 4th Massacre] were held after the killings in 1970, is notoriously haunted. Allyn and Clark Halls are supposedly haunted by a little girl who wants to play. Englemen Hall, one of the oldest on campus, is haunted by the ghost of a raped and murdered woman. Students have seen black ooze from the wall only for it to disappear. The ghost of Judy Koonce (a student who died rescuing people in a historic flood ) haunts the hall of her namesake. A student was supposedly killed in a specific seat in Smith Hall auditorium and students claim to feel the spirit when sitting in that seat during lecture."

    Submitted by nicholasm34.

    13. The Wood County Historical Society in Bowling Green, OH

    Facebook: woodcountyhistory / Via Facebook: woodcountyhistory

    "We went on a tour and saw a little boy walking around the yard pulling a wagon. No one else in our group saw him. In one room, it smells horrible to some people, and in another room some people can hear piano music."

    Submitted by amyp4f87324b2.

    14. The Anchorage in Marietta, OH

    Facebook: The / Via Facebook: 146010535502267

    "It's a huge house next to the river that's been abandoned for years. It was built after the Civil War, it was a couple's dream home but the husband who paid for the house died before it was finished. The wife went to the top floor and hanged herself. A few people owned the home after her death but all immediately left saying that the wife haunts the house."

    Submitted by haydenw43c0d816c.

    15. Gore Orphanage in Vermilion, OH

    JoshH21 / Via

    "There was an orphanage there and it burned down, killing all the kids inside. All that's left are the foundation stones. But if you go out there at night, you can sometimes see apparitions and hear kids crying."

    Submitted by samm400125e9a.

    16. The abandoned subway tunnels in Cincinnati, OH

    Jonathan Warren / Via

    "Everything was built, they even had the subway cars, but they didn't have the funding to get everything going."

    Submitted by ohsolovely.

    17. Cry Baby Bridge off of Egypt Road in Salem, OH

    Dalemccartney / Via

    "This bridge is the site of multiple teenage suicides during the 1970s and cult activity including animal mutilation and sacrifice. However, the bridge is most notorious for being where a woman threw her unwanted baby into the creek to die. At night, the baby can still be heard crying."

    Submitted by ally73ally.

    18. The Masonic Center in Kent, OH

    JonRidinger / Via

    "A woman is said to have died upstairs from a fire and she haunts the building. They had to change the name from Masonic Temple to the Masonic Center."

    Submitted by allic4454f0aca.

    19. Madison Seminary in Madison, OH

    "I filmed two movies [there] and almost everyone in the cast and crew had some type of experience with the paranormal, or were in the room when someone else did."

    Submitted by meredithk4e85f0222.

    20. Franklin Castle in Cleveland, OH

    "Nazi research experiments, buried bones, and multiple reports of seeing ghosts inside the building."

    Submitted by dwakelee.

    21. Holcomb Woods in Pemberville, OH

    "Scared the hell out of me."

    Submitted by graces4c8a8fc89.

    22. Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, OH

    Adam Schweigert CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: aschweigert

    "I went with my friend and I thought this old lady was sitting next to me the whole time, but my friend said no one was sitting next to me, and I didn't even know it was haunted at the time."

    Submitted by lauras43f2dab0b.

    23. Camp Chase Cemetery in Columbus, OH

    Bruce Faling CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: bfaling

    "It was part of Camp Chase, which was a mustering site for Northern soldiers and included a prison for Southern soldiers [during the Civil War]. The Grey Lady is said to bring flowers to the site. She is supposed to be the wife of a local doctor who voluntarily worked at the prison camp and died."

    Submitted by DianErr.

    24. The Warlock's Grave in New Philadelphia, OH

    "Legend is that when he died, they cut his head from his body and secured it in the large stone situated above the rest of the grave. If his head and body are ever reunited, per his pact with the devil, he will rise from the grave to wreak havoc."

    Submitted by kdenai05.

    25. Peabody Hall at Miami University in Oxford, OH

    John Fink CC BY / Via Flickr: vomsorb

    "My friends insulted the portrait of Mrs. Peabody and then went back to their room. The phone kept ringing with no one on the other end and they threw it down the hall, then things in the room started flying around. They apologized to the portrait and it stopped."

    Submitted by Andypandaoh.

    26. Molly Stark Hospital in Louisville, OH

    Ohio Redevelopment Projects - ODSA CC BY / Via Flickr: 63837784@N08

    "Old, abandoned, notoriously unsafe. Known for its creepiness and rumored to have the patients' ghosts roaming around."

    Submitted by portesyl18.

    27. Eden Park in Cincinnati, OH

    Joe D. Good / Via

    "The spirit of a woman wearing a black silk dress has been seen standing by the gazebo near the park's lake. The woman is rumored to be Imogene, the wife of famous Cincinnati bootlegger George Remus. It's said Remus killed his wife when she filed for divorce and her spirit still lingers."

    Submitted by lolaluftnangle.

    28. Beaver Creek State Park in East Liverpool, OH

    takomabibelot CC BY / Via Flickr: takomabibelot

    "There are numerous ghost stories and tragic events that happen there. I was skeptical until I actually experienced something. My first paranormal experience happened there…and it was real and it was terrifying."

    Submitted by patricks4d246223b.

    29. Moonville Tunnel in Vinton County, OH

    Martin Merriman CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: cbrpunk

    "I hiked out there with a group of friends in college just to see it. As we walked through the tunnel, which is longer and darker than it looks in the photo, this heavy fog rolled in behind us, followed us through the tunnel and stopped at the opening."

    Submitted by ceciliaf5.

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