16 Selfie Double Chins That Double Win

Embrace the beauty of the #snapchin.

1. The Once and Future Chin.

2. The Invisichin.

3. The Chin To Rule Them All.

4. The Rebel Chin.

5. The Chin of Light and Truth.

6. The Chin of Youth and Beauty.

7. The Slightly-Obscured-By-A-Beard Chin.

8. The Fancy Chin.

9. The Chin of Fear.

10. The Sweg Chin.

11. The Coy Chin.

Krystie Yandoli / Via Buzzfeed

12. The Group Chin.

13. The Impromptu Chin.

14. The Chin of Selfless Love.

Keely Flaherty / Via Buzzfeed

15. The Lone Chin.

16. The Dog Chin.

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