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Sarah Michelle Gellar Made A "Buffy" Joke For Michelle Trachtenberg's Birthday

Buffy then, Buffy now, Buffy forever.

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And today, for her 31st birthday, Michelle got a very special birthday wish from her TV big sister.

Instagram: @sarahmgellar

Complete with a Buffy-centric joke:

#happybirthday @michelletrachtenberg It's obvious to all of us, that you have found the "key" to not aging (lol see what I did there??) Btw why did we wear so much more makeup when we were younger?? Just asking.

And to celebrate her own birthday, Michelle posted a picture of the world's oldest living cat, who shares her birthday.

Instagram: @michelletrachtenberg

They both turn 31 years old on the same day.

October 11th....I and the oldest living cat in the world are officially 31 years old. We're both thrilled and ready to party. Or take a really long nap #meow 😂😻🎂🎉 #libra #birthday 🦄