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The 33 Most Romantic Moments In TV History

You're gonna cry.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what the most romantic TV scenes of all time are. Here are some of the best responses.

1. When April and Andy threw their surprise wedding on Parks and Recreation.


"They're my favorite television couple of all time, and the wedding was just one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed." —escope22

2. And when Leslie told Ben she wanted to be with him, regardless of the consequences.


"Leslie tells Ben she doesn't care about the consequences of being together and just wants to be with him, and he kisses her." —jessmkaaa

3. When Derek and Meredith got married via a Post-It note on Grey's Anatomy.


"Not only was it such a unique twist on a wedding, but Patrick Dempsey was actually writing down the stuff as they were saying it. Ugh it's too cute!" —myeramian


12. When Ryan kissed Marissa just in time for New Year's on The O.C.


"Everything slows down, Ryan races up the floors, then just as they're about to finish the countdown, Ryan busts in the door, tells Marisa he loves her, and they kiss." —kelligraceh

13. When Hook told Emma he traded the Jolly Roger to get back to her on Once Upon a Time.


"He sacrificed his home, his job, his LIFE just to get back to the woman he loved — even though he knew she wouldn't remember him and may not even love him back." —funkysammie

14. When Pacey told Joey, "I remember everything," on Dawson's Creek.

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"When they're dancing, Pacey talks about Joey's bracelet, and she is so surprised he remembered what that bracelet meant to her. He just says, 'I remember everything.' Swoon." —alexiselizabethp


18. When Maggie kissed the girl she wanted to kiss on Supergirl.

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"It was iconic and honestly, as a young lesbian, it was the most romantic thing I had ever seen on television and I'd be lying if I said it hadn't changed me as a person." —rockyfive07


25. When Brian showed up to Justin's prom on Queer as Folk and they tore up the dance floor.


"I feel like these youngins' need to be schooled on the the grandfather of gay TV already." —Leah Hewat, Facebook

26. When The Doctor revealed he knew River was there all along on Doctor Who.


"He never said anything before because he was worried talking to her would hurt too much. Then they kiss. DUDE. So romantic." —Kate Davis, Facebook


30. When Michael proposed to Holly in a Yoda voice while the sprinklers went off on The Office.


"The ceiling sprinklers went off from all of the candles burning and he proposed in a Yoda voice, and she accepted, also in a Yoda voice." —jacqipro13

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