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21 Relationship Dealbreakers For Geeky Girls

"Are those glasses real?"

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1. "Fantasy culture is silly, none of it is actually real."

Warner Bros. / Via

Ok then, muggle.

2. "What do gamer girls play? Mario Kart?"

WoW, friendo. WoW.

WoW, friendo. WoW.

3. "Joss Whedon, he's the Avengers guy, right?"

WB / Via

Come with me, you're in need of a Netflix intervention.

4. "Just as long as you aren't one of those Renaissance Faire people."


Now, that joust isn't faire.

5. "I don't like the old Star Wars movies, but the new ones are good."

Lucasfilm / Via

Jar Jar you kidding me?

6. "I think Tom Hiddleston is overrated."

Marvel / Via

Well that's just crazy talk. Absolutely Loki.

7. "Do you have any hot cosplay outfits I could see?"


I do, and no you cannot, because YOU MUST EARN THE COSPLAY HOTNESS.

8. "Role-playing must be a big part of your sex life."

NBC / Via

Welp, now you'll never find out (too bad for you).

9. "I've never been to ComicCon, but it just seems like a bunch of weirdos."

NBC / Via

It is, and I will show you the light. LET'S GO, VIRGIN.

10. "So, guess that Hogwarts letter never came, huh?"

Warner Bros. / Via


11. "But I only read the first Harry Potter book, didn't like it."

Warner Bros. / Via

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, that's — YOU'RE WRONG. TO THE BOOKSTORE!

12. "You've probably only seen the movies, but the Lord of The Rings books are great."

New Line Cinema / Via

You are a Nazfool.

13. "Nerdy girls are usually awkward, you must be pretty awkward."

Paramount / Via

Well, now, yes.

14. "A lot of nerdy girls are bi, are you bi?"

Fox / Via

Well, bye.

15. "That Benedict Cumberwhatever is ugly."

BBC / Via


16. "Are you actually into comic books? A lot of girls pretend they are to seem cool."

Marvel / Via

Observe my pull list.

17. "I just don't think female superheroes are very believable."

DC / Via

Not as unbelievable as that statement.

18. "You're pretty hot for a nerdy chick."

Clearly you have never heard of/seen Felicia Day.

19. "You must be super into Twilight."

UPN / Via

Whaaaat? No! (I read them all in my locked apartment with the curtains closed and my phone off but we DO NOT EVER talk about it.)

20. "Are your glasses real?"

Paramount / Via

Nope, they're an illusion.

21. "I only watch Game of Thrones for the sex scenes."

HBO / Via

I'll just Khaleesi myself out.

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