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Reese Witherspoon Cleaned Her Own Walk Of Fame Star And It's Hilarious

Wow, wish someone would love me half as much as Reese Witherspoon loves this inanimate object.

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And today, she decided to pay a visit to her ol' pal, and shared it on her always-on-point Instagram account.

Instagram: @reesewitherspoon

But that's not all. She documented the journey on her Instagram Story, and it was equal parts adorable and hilarious. "I'm running a little bit late for work today, but I heard my friend is really close by, so I wanna go meet her really quick. And I want you guys to meet her, too," she told her Instagram audience.


"This is so exciting, guys. Here she is."

And she gave it an inspirational speech, too. "Now you're looking good, girl," she said with conviction. "That's right. And don't you let people walk all over you. I know you're on the street, but don't you do that, you're a queen. YOU'RE A QUEEN."

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