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    25 Reasons We Need Sookie St. James In The "Gilmore Girls" Revival

    There is no Stars Hollow without Sookie.

    As you've probably heard by now, we are getting the Gilmore Girls revival of our dreams.

    And as you might have also heard, Melissa McCarthy, AKA Sookie St. James, may or may not have been asked to join the revival.

    And this IS NOT OK. Sookie St. James is an integral, necessary part of Stars Hollow, and there are SO many reasons we need to her to come back for the revival.

    1. She and Jackson were low-key the best couple on the show.

    2. The actor who plays Jackson, Jackson Douglas, confirmed he's coming back, so obviously we NEED SOOKIE TO RETURN.

    3. Who will make sure Jackson stays on top of his produce game?

    4. How will we ever find out if Jackson got those four kids in four years?

    5. Seriously, how can Jackson get anything done without Sookie around to dish out her sage advice?

    6. How will ANY of us get anything done without Sookie's sage advice?!

    7. With no Sookie, who will keep the pasta in check?

    8. Who will christen the veggies?

    9. Who will name the cakes?

    10. Who will sleep with the zucchini?

    11. Who will make the most delicious basket at the annual Stars Hollow charity picnic basket lunch auction?

    12. Who will tell Luke where his butt is?!??!

    13. WHO will make sure the right spoons end up in the right sauces?

    14. Because no one, NO ONE, can run the Dragonfly Inn kitchen like Sookie does.

    15. Or make Dragonfly Inn banners like Sookie can.

    16. Or haunt the Dragonfly Inn like Sookie did when all those great episodes of Dark Shadows were on TV.

    17. Sookie needs to come back, no one else can keep up with Lorelai.

    18. No one else can save Lorelai from herself.

    19. Or put up with Michel's antics.

    20. We need Sookie's puns.

    21. We need her natural light in moments of extreme darkness.

    22. We need her ability to draw important parallels that others might overlook.

    23. We need our frog girl.

    24. We need her or we may blubber.

    25. Give us our Sookie St. James, please.