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21 Reasons Ohio Is The Very Best Of The Midwest

We're literally the heart of it all.

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1. Buckeye candy doesn't taste quite as good anywhere else...

2. ...because there's only one true home for every kind of Buckeye.


4. And whether you're a bigger fan of riding the Banshee at Kings Island...

5. ...or the Millennium Force at Cedar Point, Ohio's amusement park game is incomparable.

6. There's only one Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and you can only see it in Cleveland.

7. In fact, we're so rock 'n roll, we're the only state to have an official rock song.

8. And we're just so swingin', politicians can't get enough of us whenever election time rolls around.

9. We knew this Wendy girl was really onto something long before everyone else caught on.

The first Wendy's opened in Columbus in 1969.

10. And we were the first to appreciate just how splendid Jeni's Ice Cream really is.

Jeni started off in Columbus in 2002.

11. And Graeter's got its start in Cincinnati, so obviously we know our ice cream.

12. In Ohio, tailgating is a time-honored tradition, and we know the importance of passing it onto our future generations.

13. The Nelsonville Music Festival attracts some of the biggest names in the music industry.

This past year, the Avett Brothers headlined.

14. Ohioans can all agree on just what that popular, fizzy drink should be called.

15. Cornhole is an unparalleled art in Ohio, AN ART.

16. The Ohio State Fair is far, far superior to any other state fair.

Suck it, Minnesota.

17. Ohio's literally out of this world, it's the birthplace of 25 astronauts, including Neil Armstrong and John Glenn.

18. Nowhere does seasons better than Ohio. Nowhere.

19. And Lake Erie always looks its best from the Ohio side.

So very sorry about that, Michigan.

20. Ohioans have more heart than any other Midwesterners you're likely to meet...

21. ...because Ohio is, afterall, the heart of it all.

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