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    25 Reasons Madrid Is The Best Place To Study Abroad

    You madrileño it's true.

    1. Retiro, because all other parks pale in comparison.

    2. No one does sangria better than Madrid.

    3. Or tinto de verano, sangria's lovely Spanish cousin.

    4. Nothing will ever equal the "cheap eats" Cien Montaditos serves up.

    5. And El Tigre will reset your bar standards.

    6. Tapas, which allow you to eat five separate, delicious dinners in one sitting.

    7. PAELLA.

    8. Madrileños know how to incorporate Manchego cheese into every meal.

    9. Churros con chocolate. Period.

    10. Spanish coffee is far and away the most superior of coffees.

    11. You never wait more than three minutes for a train.

    12. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium puts all other stadiums to shame.

    13. And not just because Cristiano Ronaldo's gorgeous face is plastered everywhere.

    14. The shopping in Sol is unparalleled.

    15. The Almudena Cathedral's architecture will take your breath away, whether you're religious or not.

    16. There's nowhere else in the world where you can cool off in the Museo del Prado.

    17. Or in the Reina Sofia.

    18. Or lounge in the shade and take in the splendor of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

    19. Or sit on a bench by a stone fountain in the Real Jardín Botánico.

    20. Or people-watch from a grand archway in Plaza Mayor.

    21. And nothing is better than taking in a Flamenco show at night.

    22. Or strolling down Gran Vía, the Spanish street that never sleeps.

    23. Or hitting up Kapital for a night you won't forget, depending on how many drinks you have.

    24. But no matter what you do, the best thing about Madrid is the people you'll meet.

    25. And even after your time abroad is over, you'll want to find your way back there someday.