28 April Ludgate Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Adult Life

    Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge.

    1. On developing a more refined adult palate:

    2. On mature communication skills:

    3. On surrounding yourself with positive influences:

    4. On how to handle intimidating business meetings:

    5. On staying in touch with your inner child:

    6. On the importance of good phone etiquette:

    7. On developing socially acceptable coping mechanisms:

    8. On positive self-promotion:

    9. On positively contributing to a conversation:

    10. On trying new things:

    11. On setting proper boundaries with your roommate:

    12. On accepting your own limitations:

    13. And setting realistic goals for yourself:

    14. On professional leverage:

    15. On climbing the corporate ladder:

    16. On outgrowing your angst:

    17. On true love:

    18. On knowing yourself:

    19. On standing your ground:

    20. On supporting your friends:

    21. On dating:

    22. On all those summer weddings you suddenly have to attend:

    23. On honesty in the workplace:

    24. On maintaining healthy relationships:

    25. On figuring out what "business casual" even means:

    26. On meeting new people:

    27. On cultivating new hobbies:

    28. On adulthood in general: