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    Pizza Dog Is The Most Important New Mutant In "X-Men Apocalypse"

    X-Men Apawcalypse.

    Ever since the first X-Men Apocalypse trailer dropped, people have been so stoked for the new mutants.

    They look totally badass, right?

    Welp, sorry, we've all been played. The most important new X-Man is Pizza Dog. This is Pizza Dog:

    He's chilling in X-Mansion, eating pizza, as Pizza Dog does.

    He is then, for spoilery reasons, snatched by Quicksilver.

    Pizza Dog's mutation seems to be an ability to maintain his dedication to pizza no matter the circumstances.

    He never comes close to dropping that piece of pizza, despite his obvious surprise at being abruptly transported by a fellow mutant.

    His mutation is, possibly, the most impressive mutation not only of the new X-Men, but of all the X-Men ever.

    He's a goddamn hero.

    And he is already building a strong following.

    He's winning hearts everywhere.

    He is Pizza Dog.

    Already the most cherished of mutants.

    And his fake name, his "normal" name, is TAUNTAUN. How perfect is that?!

    We must know more.

    We must have more Pizza Dog in our lives.

    His potential is boundless.

    He brings a lot to the table, literally.

    Long live Pizza Dog.

    Long may he reign.