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8 Perfect Halloween Costumes For The "Sleepy Hollow" Cast

As decided by Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood.

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BuzzFeed sat down with Sleepy Hollow stars Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood to get their opinions on what the show's characters should dress up as for Halloween this year.

Lyndie Greenwod: David Bowie. You have to say it like Tom would, like "David Bah-wie." They're both tall and slim.

Orlando Jones: Way to sell it, you committed.

LG: I'm a vibey person and I go on gut instinct a lot of the time, and that's the first thing that popped into my mind. He could rock eye shadow.

OJ: I am not co-signing that Tom could "rock eye shadow."

LG: He absolutely could though. I think he'd be really flattered.

OJ: No, no. David Bowie is a just a rock star. And Tom is a rock star. Duh.


OJ: Definitely a superhero. What's the Frank Miller character? Martha Washington. She's totally that. Kicks ass, takes no names, no prisoners.

LG: No, I think Abbie should be a mermaid though. Because Nicole [Beharie] would kill us if we didn't say mermaid.

OJ: You think so? You have a point there.

LG: She is obsessed with mermaids.


LG: Well, I can't decide.

OJ: Who better to decide?

LG: Oh, I don't know... like a stupid, barely clothed cat? I hate those costumes.

OJ: Oh my god, that's awesome.

LG: Jenny goes down 10 notches in everyone's book.

OJ: No, I know exactly who you should be. You are... Mrs. BAMF.

LG: Oh come on, that is not even a costume.

OJ: Yes it is! You are Mrs. Badass Motherf*cker! That isn't even hard! She's beautiful, totally awesome, like a Playboy Bunny who's infiltrated the Playboy Mansion undercover. And she ends up kicking everyone's ass. Saves the day like a superhero.


LG: Hmm, so many options!

OJ: Which way do you go with that? She's really funny. Katia is far goofier than people would imagine.

LG: I picture her as one of those sad clowns. Katia's nuts.

OJ: She's the funniest person.

LG: Katrina though, the character, what would she be?

OJ: Well, she's a witch. Saying she's a character from Bewitched would be so lame.

LG: No, not a witch. I just picture her as a clown with a sad face.

OJ: Let's just be clear, Frank does not celebrate Halloween.

LG: What a downer.

OJ: Frank is a stick in the mud. Lyndie, you choose for Frank.

LG: Well, you can't have Jenny being Mrs. BAMF if there isn's a Mr. BAMF.

OJ: Alright, it's Mr. BAMF, but with bunny ears. In keeping with our Playboy theme. He has to also save Halloween at the Playboy Mansion. They can save it together.

LG: Yes! I'll dress as Hugh Hefner, you dress as a Playmate.

OJ: Obviously, yes, you'd be the boss.


OJ: Oh, wow.

LG: Henry would dress as John Noble!

OJ: Henry would be Darth Vader. He's got the voice — he might actually have a cooler voice than James Earl Jones, and that's really saying something.

LG: He does have a great voice.

OJ: But then again, he does own my soul. Please keep that in mind.


OJ: He'd be a pimp.

LG: He kind of is a pimp.

OJ: He is. He's like, "Here, take this, now you can see my head. Remember when we loooved each other?"

LG: I love that answer. Like, feather cap, '70s pimp.

OJ: He's Huggy Bear. But he is really offended by the term "pimp," he's very sensitive about it, so you must call him a "short-term relationship consultant."

OJ: I don't know, he'd just be... a dick.

LG: I want something that's a little more contrasting to his naturally evil nature —

OJ: Mother Teresa?

LG: Yeah, good ol' MT. Or wait, no, MJ.

OJ: Oh my god, Michael Jackson, that's genius. I'm in for this.

LG: I'm in for it, too.

OJ: Genius. 'Cause let's just be clear, Michael's not dead, k?

LG: Nope.