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    25 People Who Are Even More Over New York City Than You

    Don't wanna be a part of it, New York, New Yoooork.

    1. The poor soul who saw Up and then tried to plan their escape.

    2. The man who got off the subway, burned his red Yankees cap, and moved back to the Midwest.

    3. Whoever felt it absolutely necessary to print and post this on their own time.

    4. The business owner who's seen too much to be certain of anything anymore.

    5. The animal lover who wants a big dog, but doesn't think it's fair to keep one in the city, so.

    6. The poor sap who didn't realize the irony in listing "Union Square" as the location.

    7. The MTA employee who just wanted to be seen.

    8. And the MTA employee who knew exactly what they were doing.

    9. The geek who finally cracked.

    10. This guy, who wants a kid, but knows he could never afford one in the city, so he's substituting.

    11. The man who's had enough of people spreading their legs out and taking up enough space for two people.

    12. This guy, who's lived near Times Square a little too long.

    13. The guy who got lost in The Met and was just like, "HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!"

    14. Carmen San Diego, who stepped off the train in NYC, and immediately stepped right back on.

    15. Pierre.

    16. The "guy who walked in the subway car."

    Ok I'm officially back in NYC. His bird even pecked a guy who walked in the subway car. #onlyinny

    Josh Morrissey@joshmorrissey

    Ok I'm officially back in NYC. His bird even pecked a guy who walked in the subway car. #onlyinny

    8:30 PM - 24 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    17. The restaurant owner who's just done with playing the game.

    18. The roommates who long for a yard.

    19. The person who wrote this sign, paused, and then realized they had to add the word "again."

    20. The Mister Softee drivers who looked at each other knowingly, and made a break for it.

    21. The vigilante sign-maker who just wants NYC to calm down.

    22. The employee who read the sign, shrugged, and hung it up anyway.

    23. The woman who just needed some alone time in a city of eight million people.

    24. This unfortunate soul.

    25. The person who first realized exactly what New York City is shaped like.

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