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    People Are Already Cosplaying Furiosa From "Mad Max" And It's Fantastic

    Imper(son)ator Furiosa.

    It hasn't even been a full week since Mad Max: Fury Road opened in theaters.

    And people everywhere are already starting to emulate Furiosa's signature style.

    Because, let's be real, Furiosa is the biggest reason to go see Fury Road.

    So it's no small wonder we're already dying to rock her badass face paint.

    Nailing the effortlessly smudged half-painted look is key.

    Because who has the time to touch up their war makeup when they're in the middle of a desert war?

    And that shorn hairstyle.

    Some people are adapting her look to match their own, which is also awesome.

    Seriously, this woman is equal parts Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, what's not to worship?

    Hot damn.

    And we're already getting rad genderbent versions.

    All hail the Imperator.

    And all hail the Imperator Impersonators.

    We'll see you in the Land of Many Mothers.

    And in the meantime, we salute you.