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27 Reasons Paris Geller Is The True Heroine Of "Gilmore Girls"

Bye, Rory.

1. While Rory Gilmore was attending debutante balls, Paris Eustace Geller was making it OK for you to accept your own social inadequacies.

2. She was a far more relatable heroine for the masses.

3. While Rory was torn between two lame dudes in high school, Paris had her priorities straight.

4. And while everyone was fawning over the Life and Death Brigade in college, Paris was still all about her higher priorities.

5. Come to think of it, she always had the right idea about dating.

6. Rory always made it look easy. Paris made it relatable.

7. Plus, she was the only one of Rory's friends to ever put Jess in his place.

8. And Logan.

9. Everyone else was all, "Oh, Logan and Jess are so hot!" but Paris Eustace Geller had zero time for their shit.

10. When Paris did date, she knew what she wanted — even if she made some mistakes along the way.

11. Which is probably why she and Doyle were by far the best couple on the show.

12. Seriously, so much better than all of Rory's relationships combined.

13. And while the titular Gilmore ladies were always perfectly polished and coiffed, Paris served up a more accessible take on fashion.

14. Even in high school, Paris never put on airs.

15. She was never afraid to be smart and ambitious.

16. Paris had a path set for herself, she knew what she wanted, and she was tenacious.

17. It was cool that Rory was valedictorian and all, but most people look back on high school and have a more Parisian reaction.

18. Paris never cared what people thought about her.

19. She didn't rely on other people's approval.

20. And even in her teens, she was fine with calling people out, even if that person was Headmaster Charleston.

21. Sure, she and Rory competed, but Paris showed us that it's normal and healthy to have a female friendship that isn't all sunshine and roses.

22. Friendships can be complex, and sometimes that's better. Sometimes they can push you to be your best self.

23. She was consistently one of the only people who didn't handle Rory with kid gloves.

24. Which made Rory a much more interesting character.

25. Remember when Rory quit Yale? Paris was the only person other than Lorelai who served her some tough love about it.

26. And she was loyal. Even when she was abrasive, Paris showed us the importance of honesty in our young relationships.

27. Paris Eustace Geller, the most important Gilmore girl, even if she has a different last name.