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    One Heartbreaking Detail You Probably Missed In The "Once Upon A Time" Season Premiere

    Get ready to Storybawl your eyes out. H/t Reddit.

    Last night, Once Upon a Time premiered its new Frozen storyline.

    Anna is appropriately adorable and awkward.

    Elsa is totally awesome and conflicted.

    Meanwhile, Regina is struggling to keep from reverting back to old, Evil Queen-like behaviors.

    And Emma is determined to help her through this rough time, and help her keep her powers in check.


    And then this shot sealed the deal, and gave everyone the feels.


    And the word "Civitas" in the background, highlighting how Regina and Emma's lives are bound together.


    Looks like Elsa and Regina are going to have a lot more in common this season than they realize.

    A whole lot more.