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No, Grandpa Phil's Head Is Not Supposed To Look Like A Penis

Childhood restored.

If you're a Hey Arnold fan, you know all about Grandpa Phil, Arnold's loving and eccentric caretaker.

And whether you're a Hey Arnold fan or not, you've seen this picture:

Yes — Grandpa's head does, at a certain angle, look exactly like a dick. But who did this? Why? Was this intentional? Again, why?

Well, we caught up with Hey Arnold creator Craig Bartlett at San Diego Comic-Con to get some answers. And he immediately knew — all we had to say was, "So, about Grandpa..."

"The comment always on the web is 'can't unsee' — which perfectly sums up what these things do. Once you see them, you can't unsee them," Bartlett said.

But no, Grandpa's specific head shape was not intentional. "I draw characters that are pretty grotesque and lumpy. That's sort of a school of character design — like Rugrats. They're cool, they're fun, they're kind of lumpy and funky."

"I just basically drew them because I thought they were funny. I didn't mean to ruin childhoods."

So in conclusion, Grandpa's just got a lumpy head, not a dick-specific lumpy head. Childhood un-ruined.