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Aug 23, 2015

20 Years Ago, This Is What The VMAs Looked Like

It was Sept. 7, 1995. Dennis Rodman wore a shimmery tank top.

Drew Barrymore showed up with daisies in her hair and palled around with Courtney Love.

Jon Levy / AFP / Getty Images

Later, Love performed "Violet" with her band, Hole, and threw stuff at the guitarist.

Bebeto Matthews / ASSOCIATED PRESS

And even later on in the evening, threw stuff at Madonna.

The interview is maybe the single most awkward thing to ever happen.

But no big deal, because Madonna bore her fabulous bra and took home the award for Best Female Video.

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

The award was for "Take a Bow."

Dennis Rodman showed up wearing a shimmery tank top and belly chain.


And Michael Jackson came decked out in leather and gold boots.


While his sister Janet opted for a more, well, casual look.

Jon Levy / AFP / Getty Images

And her date, Rene Elizando, looked just thrilled to be there.


Michael Jackson performed the 15-minute opening number.

Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

It was a medley of some of his biggest hits.

Later, he and Janet won Best Dance Video for "Scream," which was nominated for 11 awards total.

Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

Chilli, T-Boz, and Left Eye looked like fabulous '90s perfection in matching white ensembles.

Jon Levy / AFP / Getty Images

And celebrated when their video "Waterfalls" took home awards for Best Group Video, Best R&B Video, Viewer's Choice, and Video of the Year.

Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

Weezer also took home four awards for "Buddy Holly."


Yes, that's Dennis Rodman with Christopher Walken. So.

R.E.M. won the Video Vanguard Award.

Bebeto Matthews / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Last year it was given to Beyoncé.

Alanis Morissette was full of awesome angst.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc

Pre-Amal George Clooney showed up in a shiny vest with shaggy hair and looked dreamy.

Ron Galella / WireImage

And pre-Penisgate Lenny Kravitz showed up in double nose piercings and a pinstripe suit.

Steve Eichner / WireImage

Kevin Bacon, ageless timelord, showed up looking EXACTLY THE SAME AS HE DOES TODAY.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

And Donald Trump was not running for president.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc

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