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26 Reasons You Should Never Get A Wire Fox Terrier

The worst dogs.

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1. They look just terrible when they're groomed.

2. And, ugh, even worse when they're all untrimmed and messy.

3. Overall they're just not cute dogs.

5. You can't take them anywhere.

6. Honestly, anywhere. Their bad behavior is notorious.

7. They're a very serious breed, never amusing.

10. Zero smiles when these dogs are around.

11. Really, they might be the most boring dog breed of them all.

12. These terriers are the worst with kids.

13. Hide the kids, for real.

14. Beware the Wire Fox Terrier.

15. They're not photogenic in the least.

16. Even in natural light, just hideous.

17. They make terrible nap buddies.

18. And, wow, what glum dogs. Just very downtrodden in general.

19. Pretty much always wearing a doggy frown.

21. Come on, you're bringing us all down, man.

22. These dogs are just too smol.

24. Obviously, truly hate all humankind.

25. Not at all protective of their humans.

26. Just don't get one, k? It would be a huge mistake.

You can adopt a Wire Fox Terrier through your local Wire Fox rescue, your local shelter, Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest, or through Petfinder.

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