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    Updated on Jan 7, 2019. Posted on Apr 28, 2017

    23 Movies For Those Days When The Patriarchy's Got You Down

    Roses are red, violets are blue, dismantle the patriarchy.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what movies they watch when the patriarchy's got them down. Here's what they said.

    1. The First Wives Club

    Andy Schwartz / Paramount Pictures / Via Getty Images

    "It is kind of the perfect movie for this topic. It is literally about a group of women banding together to take back their power from the men who have wronged them." —Matty Cormier, Facebook

    2. Mulan


    "From when I was young 'til now…always an inspiration." —jozefienvanh

    3. Little Women

    Columbia Pictures

    "Marmee talks about how boys can get away with things that girls can't because of our societal gender roles, how corsets are limiting and pointless because girls are just as active as boys, and how women can't and shouldn't define themselves by their beauty." —Hannah Done, Facebook

    4. Pride & Prejudice

    Focus Features

    "Elizabeth, for her time, is a great feminist! She stands up to people despite their rank, refuses two eligible matches (despite there being a HUGE pressure to wed no matter your feelings), and readily calls out patriarchal standards that are unjust." —Hillary Minne, Facebook

    5. Aliens

    20th Century Fox

    "Nothing more empowering than watching Ripley take down hordes of aliens while protecting her adopted daughter. No other '80s action star is as kickass as motherfucking Sigourney Weaver." —Josiah Coulter, Facebook

    6. Thelma & Louise


    "Those women drove off a cliff for each other." —Emma DiLeonardi, Facebook

    7. Hurricane Bianca


    "As a bisexual woman who comes from a conservative Christian family, I really identify with both Richard and Karma's storylines. It reminds me that I don't need to let the circumstances I am in hold me back from doing what I want to do." —Lauren Crabtree, Facebook

    8. She's the Man


    —Submitted by Ray Schenk, Facebook

    9. Hidden Figures

    20th Century Fox

    —Submitted by gryffindor3402

    10. Lilo & Stitch


    "Lilo is the ultimate feminist character. She is unapologetic, she is bold, she is an individual who is tired of conforming to society’s norms. She believes in embracing her feelings, whether they are positive or negative." —emma_ashton

    11. Gone Girl

    20th Century Fox

    "Nothing better than watching a brilliant woman weaponize misogynist stereotypes when you’re extra salty." —abigaile4a6d10445

    12. Mad Max: Fury Road

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Having an action movie that celebrates women rather than objectifying them is a rare fucking occurrence. This is a gem of feminist cinema." —TheIrishCowgirl

    13. The Long Kiss Goodnight

    New Line Cinema / Getty Images

    "What’s better than a butt-kicking ex-spy saving the day (and the male lead)?" —kendizzle88

    14. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Lionsgate Films

    "Katniss and Johanna are such empowering, badass female characters, and Peeta changes the dynamic of the leading male character often portrayed in films." —lightheart16

    15. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Which reminds me: Must watch again." —anoukvanderz

    16. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

    Columbia Pictures

    "Dude, Lisbeth does not give a fuuuuu." —sarahl4575b3042

    17. Legally Blonde


    "Watching it always inspires me to work hard like Elle did, and to overcome everyone who underestimates me!" —lyndag4a4a50902

    18. Steel Magnolias

    TriStar Pictures

    "Six powerhouse women who are strong when no one else can be, including their husbands and sons." —Hannah Done, Facebook

    19. Fried Green Tomatoes

    Universal Pictures

    "It’s a wonderful film about women empowering and helping each other. It covers topics like lesbian romance, intergenerational friendship, getting out of an abusive relationship, racism, and menopause." —kiisaki

    20. Moana


    "She’s literally the matriarchal queen of her island! NO question of her becoming chief, or needing to get married." —marmtown

    21. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Disney / Lucasfilm

    "Rey is my hero and I just love her so much. She completely wrecks Kylo Ren at then end of the movie. Absolutely amazing." —paigechauncey

    22. A League of Their Own

    Columbia Pictures

    "Women proving that women’s sports are a viable product and something that should be invested in — even when they made them play in 'half a dress.'" —geocallie

    23. Now and Then

    New Line Cinema

    "All I wanted was a group of friends like them who stick up for each other and get revenge by stealing the boys’ clothes while they're skinny dipping. Even when they grew up and grew apart, they reunited when one of them really needed it." —beccab15

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