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21 Comforting Moments Every Tea Lover Lives For

Tea time = sacred time.

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1. Getting your favorite blend all ready to steep...

2. ...and taking a long, deep whiff as you wait for the kettle to boil.

3. Getting together all your favorite tea time necessities.

4. Including your favorite snacks, perfect for dipping.

5. Hearing the soft whistle of the kettle.

6. Knowing just how much water to pour for the perfect cup.

7. Watching your tea steep until it's just the right color and temperature.

8. Adding just the right amount of milk and sugar.

9. Or just the right squeeze of lemon.

10. Or just leaving your tea as is, because it doesn't need anything extra.

11. Hearing the gentle clink of the spoon on the edge of the cup as you stir your perfect concoction.

12. Breathing in that perfect, familiar aroma of your own expertly brewed cup of tea.

13. And taking the first warming sip.

14. Or that first cooling gulp.

15. Setting aside the next few minutes to shut out the world and just enjoy your cup of tea.

16. Letting each drink you take relax you just a bit more.

17. Taking the time to just sip and get lost in your favorite pastime.

18. Or let your imagination run wild.

19. Or indulge in a simple pleasure you can never find enough time for.

20. Finishing your cup of tea, feeling renewed and ready to face the rest of your day.

21. Or at least renewed enough to make it to your next tea break.

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