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Jul 7, 2014

23 Facts All Midwestern Women Know To Be True

It isn't a coincidence that it rhymes with "best."

1. You were taught at a young age that Cornhole is not a game, it's an art.

2. You were taught at an even younger age to live and die by your family's favorite sports team.

3. So now, every game day, you're camped out at your local bar, screaming at the top of your lungs.

4. Growing up, chances are you were one tough kid.

5. And whatever the boys were doing, you were right there with them.

6. You might have wondered what other girls got to do that you were missing out on.

7. But all that toughness turned you into one damn capable adult.

8. You've been hardened by completely unpredictable weather in the warmer months, and below freezing temperatures all winter.

9. But it's taught you how to weather any storm.

10. And what might be "frigid cold" to some is "positively balmy" to you.

11. You have known the seductive comfort of the Ugg boot. / Via

Don't knock 'em til you try 'em.

12. Good manners are not optional.

13. You firmly believe that no person should be paying $15 for a cocktail.

14. You are second to none when it comes to rocking The Electric Slide.

15. And no wedding is complete without The Macarena.

16. When it comes to the glorious gift that is fair food, no one's palate is more refined.

17. There is but one Queen you bow down to.

18. Your standard for acceptable snack food is high, and you suffer no lesser imitations.

19. You know that a good bonfire can make or break a party.

20. It's called "pop," damnit.

21. You know that people who hate on lakes just haven't been properly introduced to your part of the country.

22. No matter where life takes you, you never forget where you come from.

23. And where part of your heart will always be.

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