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Melissa McCarthy's New College Comedy Looks Hilarious And Charming


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Gather round, friends and enemies alike, because today is a day of union. Today is the day we get the first trailer for Melissa McCarthy's new comedy, Life of the Party.

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When her husband unexpectedly dumps her, longtime mother and housewife Deanna (McCarthy) goes back to college to get her degree.

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However, she ends up at the same school as her daughter. Both tension and hilarity ensue.

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Over time, the increasingly outspoken Deanna — or, as she's better known, Dee Rock — embraces the college life she never got to enjoy.

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And Maya Rudolph costars, which basically makes this a Bridesmaids reunion.

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Life of the Party is slated to hit theaters May 11, just in time to soothe your spring break hangover.

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