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14 Things That Obviously Need A Lot More Matcha Right Now

Only matcha addicts will truly understand.

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1. This matcha drink is too much drink and not enough matcha. MORE MATCHA.

2. Too much corn snack, not enough matcha.

3. This pile of matcha is a little too heavy on pile, needs some more matcha.

4. What is that matcha pie doing on a plate? Substitute that plate for matcha!!!

5. Those pancakes are only a little green which can only mean one thing. MORE MATCHA.

6. You might say this cup is half empty, but if you ate more matcha you'd say it was half full because your life would be better.

7. These little sesame nut pretzel things barely have any matcha, you can just tell.

8. Those oozing green bricks needs some more matcha, I think.

9. This moldy log needs some more matcha!!!!

10. Look at that little piece of meat getting sucked into a matcha time portal. MORE MATCHA.

11. Blobs need more matcha, not enough of it.

12. Hey soft cookies you may be soft but you need MORE. MATCHA.

13. Nice try, feet. Not enough matcha.

14. Doco has enough matcha but Susi doesn't. You're really fucking it up, Susi.
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