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25 Mansplanations Of Disney Movies

A young mermaid fails to honor a contract.

1. The condensed plot of Snow White.

2. What Tangled was really all about.

3. Ariel's failure to read the fine print.

4. The real reason behind Belle leaving the castle.

5. Aurora's hidden motive.

6. Yzma's character synposis.

7. The poor fools who got caught in the crossfire.

8. Pretty much the entire plot of Frozen.

9. The emotional crux of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

10. Hercules' very real struggle.

11. And Quasimodo's very, very real struggle.

12. The truth behind Mary Poppins' "practical perfection."

13. The most important part of Fantasia.

14. This rudimentary assessment of Lilo's actions.

15. Tiana's tunnel vision.

16. The real colors of the wind.

17. The tragedy of Peter Pan.

18. Elastigirl's failure.

19. What happened in Mulan, more or less.

20. Jasmine's daily routine.

21. Nala's failure to find some chill.

22. This.

23. Cinderella's typical behavior.

24. Lady's inability to go dutch on a date.

25. The tragedy of Li Shang.

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