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25 Reasons Liv Moore On "iZombie" Is The Heroine We Need

So, look, she's a zombie.

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1. Liv Moore, crime-fighting zombie, is an all-around badass.

2. Remember when she went to that lame party she didn't even want to go to in the first place, because she was trying to be nice?

3. And woke up a goddamn zombie?

4. And then just rolled with it and started her new life and tried to find meaning in her fate? BADASS.


5. She refuses to take shit from anyone, be it from strangers or close friends.

6. She's snarky and capable and intelligent in her own rite...

7. ...but oh man, when she eats someone's brains and takes on their additional skills and quirks, she owns it.

8. And she somehow makes eating those brains look good.


9. So good we've all had that horrible moment when we legit thought, "Well, if the opportunity presented itself..."

11. And her comeback game? Perhaps even stronger.


13. She's this great blend of adorable and quirky...

14. ...and awkward, just so awkward and relatable...


17. But even when she's just normal zombie Liv, it's still smart to fear and respect her.

18. Like, girl.

19. So adorkable.


21. She's got a heart, she's been in love, but her romantic interests aren't what define her character.

22. And her overall attitude about finding love as a zombie is so refreshing.

23. Even cats love this girl, and cats are super critical.

We love you, Liv.