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Little Girls Went To Comic-Con Dressed As Rey And That's So Important


Our new Star Wars heroine, Rey, is brave, extremely intelligent, and kicks butt when necessary. Most importantly, she's given the millions of little girls who saw The Force Awakens an amazing female role model.

And this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, little girls got to dress up as a Star Wars character they love and identify with.

Look at this fierce scavenger.

How exciting is it that this tiny Rey has a role model who can speak multiple languages?

This lil' Rey is not going to surrender Luke's lightsaber to Kylo Ren — no way, dude.

She's too strong with the Force for that noise.

She's not going to have any problem piloting the Millennium Falcon on the fly.

And don't worry, Finn, tiny Rey is here to save you from that Rathtar.

Look out, no one can wield a quarterstaff like this Jakku warrior.

The Resistance is lucky to have you on their side, mini Rey.

And so are we. We're all lucky to have Rey now.