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    Justin Bieber Serenaded Jenna Dewan And Her Friends At A Restaurant

    The Biebs knows who's queen.

    Jenna Dewan Tatum stopped by Ellen to chat about her Valentine's Day, and, of course, fangirling over meeting Justin Bieber.

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    It seems Jenna was out at a practically empty restaurant with her girls, when suddenly someone started serenading them...someone named JUSTIN BIEBER.

    The ladies, being True Beliebers, fangirled hard.

    And sent the Biebs a token of their affection/appreciation.

    And then he CAME OVER TO THEIR TABLE. And revealed that he saw Jenna's amazing performance on Lip Sync Battle.

    Which, friendly reminder, was truly epic.

    Then he asked to take a selfie, because "Chan" (aka Channing Tatum) is his MAN CRUSH.

    It was a cute selfie.

    But Ellen had the best reaction of all.