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26 Jokes Only "Vikings" Fans Will Understand

Bjorn to be wild, baby.

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2. But seriously, Rollo is bae.

5. They're always getting into bloody shenanigans and whatnot.

6. Espcially Lagertha, the world's most badass shieldmaiden.

7. She's an absolute queen.

9. Even when her ex-husband is being the absolute worst.

11. Ugh, Aslaug. Why, Ragnar, why?

12. Seriously, Ragnar. It's time to give it up.

13. It's fine, seriously. Rathelstan forever.

14. We all know.


16. Remember Floki? Your BFF from a couple years ago?

17. He built you the first boat that took you West?

19. No? Nothing?

20. Well, he's got a lot of feelings.

21. Mostly about Athelstan.

24. Despite his makeover in Season 3, he's matured.

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