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24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand

Are you really Hooked on this show?

1. This very accurate summary of the first season.

2. When Regina acknowledged the insanity that is Henry's family tree.

3. Emma's string of Hook quips that really deserve a round of applause.

4. When Emma discovered the hottest of months.

5. And when that hotness was completely obliterated.

6. Those 28 years when Regina had to have inside jokes with herself.

7. The revealing of Neal's true identity.

8. What everyone screamed whenever anyone told Snow a secret.

9. And the footage they should have rolled. Every. Time.

10. When Regina and Emma joined powers to #SaveHenry and also to create a timeless power ballad.

11. The question that only has one acceptable answer.

12. When Belle discovered Tumblr.

13. This deadpan delivery.

14. The Kitsis/Horowitz true love litmus test.

15. When Emma revealed Regina's sweet side.

16. This very Disney parallel.

17. This universal sentiment about Season 2.

18. When Captain Swan fans realized they were literal shippers.

19. The time Regina mermade quite the mess.

20. The moment when Peter went too far.

21. The pun that dwarfs all other puns.

22. David's silent judgment of Mr. Gold's plans for Valentine's Day.

23. This sad but true depiction of what it's like for OUaT fans in the real world.

24. What Regina should have said at the end of Season 3.