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    There's An "Outlander" Clothes Line And It's Absolute Perfection

    My body is ready.

    There are so many wonderful things about Outlander — Jamie's perfect hair, Claire's ability to make poison out of just about any plant, and of course, the CLOTHES.

    Seriously, from Claire's pristine Paris wardrobe to the rugged, cozy Scottish plaids we've all come to love, the clothes are a huge part of the show.

    And now, thanks to a sneak peek from Nerdist, we know there's a whole new line of Outlander clothing.

    Hot Topic and Torrid teamed up to create the styles, and it's just...Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, it's all gorgeous.

    According to Nerdist, the pieces in Torrid’s collection are "specifically designed to fit and flatter women who wear sizes 10 to 30." Hot Topic offers sizes extra small through 3XL.

    And the line is full of small details for die-hard fans — like the Fraser clan's iconic tartan.

    And some classic quotes we all know and love.

    Honestly, just take my money now.

    *throws entire wallet at computer*

    Check out the full line on Hot Topic and Torrid.