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    Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt's "Passengers" Blooper Reel Is Pure Delight

    We don't deserve them.

    Back when Passengers premiered, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt did some amazing promo together.

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    They gifted us with such charming shenanigans! But then the promo tour ended, and the movie came out in December 2016, and the shenanigans ended. We will never get any of their shenanigans again.

    OR WILL WE? Here's an exclusive look at the Passengers blooper reel — enjoy the return of the J. Law–Pratt shenanigans.

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    We get all sorts of classic J-Law moments. She chokes on a drink...

    Columbia Pictures

    ...and weighs in on proper space rescue attire.

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    We also get a glimpse of Chris Pratt's audition for Thor 4*.

    Columbia Pictures

    *Not really, this is a joke.

    And there's a lot of violent giggling.

    Columbia Pictures

    Really, just a bunch of violent giggling...

    Columbia Pictures

    Heeeh hehehehehe.

    Columbia Pictures

    And some lovely banter from our dysfunctional space couple.

    Columbia Pictures

    But mostly just violent giggling.

    Columbia Pictures

    Passengers is available for digital download March 7, and on DVD and Blu-ray March 14.

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