Jared Leto Went Really, Really Method For His Role As The Joker


    Viola Davis stopped by Vanity Fair to chat about her many amazing projects.

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    She was, as always, a beacon of eloquence and inspiration.

    And she also shared that Jared Leto went really method for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad.

    The first thing Leto did was have a "henchman" of his walk into the rehearsal room, drop a dead pig on the table, and leave.

    Then he sent Margot Robbie, AKA Harley Quinn, a live black rat in a box.

    Which turned out fine in the end. She kept it.

    So that's nice.

    Obviously, Viola was a little scared.

    But took his actions as a reason to up her own acting game.

    So, uhh, don't mess with The Joker. Or Jared Leto.