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23 Outrageous Struggles All Little Sisters Have Endured

Just give me a ride to school for once in my life, dammit.

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4. In school, all the teachers knew your older siblings, so they already loved or hated you.

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Regardless of the fact that you are a beautiful, individual snowflake that CANNOT BE DUPLICATED.

10. And even if you managed to get a date with someone who wasn't off-limits, bringing them home was impossible.

13. You were literally at the bottom of the food chain. Every time there was something delicious in the house, you had to fight for your share.

"THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH!" you cried as you launched yourself at the leftover cherry pie.

17. But your older siblings still CONSTANTLY told you how lucky you were, and how you had it so much easier than they did.

20. Your family saved all the good movies "you weren't old enough to watch" for after you went to bed.

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And you heard the muffled television from your bedroom, and felt the sting of injustice.

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