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If "Harry Potter" Had Been Written From Voldemort's Point Of View

More like, Voldemort And The Year I Couldn't Even Steal A Goddamn Snowglobe.

Everyone knows that it's called the Harry Potter series for a reason. All we ever really get is Harry's perspective on the Wizard World.

But why is it always about Harry? What about Voldemort? Huh? What about him?

So artist Andy Kluthe did some reimagining for Dorkly, and showed us what the series would have looked like through Voldemort's eyes.

Seriously, how uncomfortable would ALL of Sorcerer's Stone have been?

And Harry finding Tom Riddle's diary, talk about coincidental.

And Prizoner of Azkaban was...well, actually it was pretty ok.

But UGH Goblet of Fire was just ridiculous.

And Order of the Phoenix? More like Order Of The Are You Kidding Me?

Let's not even talk about Half-Blood Prince, k?

And Deathly Hallows was just...well, you know.

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