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    According To "Ghostbusters II" The World Will End This Sunday

    Valentine's Day. Bummer.

    Perhaps you remember the 1989 classic, Ghostbusters II. Perhaps you also remember the even classic-er TV show Peter Venkman hosted in the movie, World of The Psychic with Peter Venkman.

    It was pretty great. Dr. Venkman covered lots of subjects, including hairless pets, and when the world will end.

    Milton Angland, Dr. Venkman's first guest, predicted that the world would end at the stroke of midnight that New Year's Eve.

    Obviously, he was wrong.

    But Dr. Venkman's second guest, Elaine, had a different date in mind:

    That's right. If Elaine is correct, the world will end this Sunday, Feb 14. Fucking Valentine's Day.

    And Elaine's source does seem pretty solid.

    Ready yourselves. The end is nigh.